I’m Philippa, an animation programmer working in the games industry, based in Cambridge UK.

I’ve been working full time in the video game industry since September 2018. I currently work at Frontier Developments, where I have experience in both engine and gameplay development.


I have a joint honours masters in Maths and Physics (MMath & Phys) from the University of Manchester. I graduated in July 2018.

Development Experience

Most of my work is in C++, and Lua for high-level scripting. Outside of work I’ve dabbled in Python, C#, html and css, and use of the Unity engine for hobby projects.

Systems I have experience with include:

  • Inverse kinematics systems, including implementation of solving algorithms
  • Physics-driven chain simulations
  • Ragdoll physics, including seamless transitions from physics-driven ragdolls back into authored animation poses
  • Animation blend trees
  • Compiler development for animation resources

Dev Diaries and LiveStreams

I enjoy talking about my work and I’m a frequent participant in dev diaries and livestreams. Here are a few of them:

Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin

Planet Coaster Console

Other Interests

Outside of work I play roller derby for my local league, and I’m a keen crafter. I like to sew and knit clothes and plushies, I’ve dabbled in candle making and embroidery and yarn spinning - I just like to make things.